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Select the exhibition open to on-line sale for which you wish to use this guide :

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The on-line sale :

Exhibitions at the Palais des Festivals To know more is the on-line sale site of the services offered by the Palais des Festivals. The web site proposes you a catalogue and useful information for the good progress of your event.

Exhibitions opened to the on-line sale To know more

The exhibitions are opened to the on-line sale at minimum two months before the date of assembly of the exhibition. The on-line sale is active until two days before the opening of the exhibition.

To reach the catalogue To know more

The homepage proposes you the list of exhibitions opened to the on-line sale. By clicking one of the buttons " See the Catalogue ", you enter the catalogue of the concerned event. The catalogue is divided into several families of products: choose a family to reach the list of products. You can also go through the catalogue of products of an exhibition with the help of the interactive guide

To place an order To know more

Choose an exhibition and the site indicates products and services available for the chosen event. I position on the service and have the choice of products. I click the chosen product and I add it to my shopping bag.
I wish another product, I position on Continue shopping.
I ended my order, I position on the button Order now:

  • if I already am a customer, I type my e-mail address and my password.
  • if I am not a customer yet, I go to the column Creating a customer account Create an account

Three types of products exist::

  1. products for the exhibition : reserve a product for all the duration of the event,
  2. products for one day : reserve a product for a number of days during the event,
  3. products for some hours : reserve a product for a number of hours a day during the event (minimum 4 hours).

To pay on-line To know more

I pay directly on-line by bank card.

The Customer Account :

To create my customer account To know more

Two possibilities: at the opening of the site or at the end of the order. Go to the menu " My customer account ", position on " I still have no customer account ", inform the compulsory information, an email of confirmation indicates that I am registered well.

My profile To know more

To consult and\or modify the personal information concerning you: identity, information of invoicing, password.

My orders To know more

Consult the history of your past orders and the state of your current orders, download your invoices.

My saved shopping bags To know more

Find here the contents of the shopping bags which you will beforehand have saved for a later use.

My loyalty points To know more

I accumulate loyalty points with every order.
The loyalty points give place to commercial discounts calculated on the amount of the order excl. VAT. 10 points are equivalent to 1 % of discount. These points are valid on a duration of two years following the first order and its transaction. For example, the Internet customer for his 1st order of an amount of 600 € excl. VAT will be entitled to 10 points which represents a 1 % discount, here 6€ excl. VAT on his invoice.
At the second order of an amount of 1200 € excl. VAT made one year later, it will be entitled to 20 supplementary points, that is an accumulation of 30 points equivalent to 3 % of commercial discount. At 100 points: the discount of 10 % is acquired on the on-line provisions of a service and this for a duration of 2 years.
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